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Drink Coasters with Holder Set of 6

Drink Coasters with Holder Set of 6

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  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT SPILLS AND STAINS ON YOUR TABLES OR HOME BAR EVER AGAIN - Don't let another precious moment slip by because of worry, with these black coasters for drinks you will be able to relax and enjoy all the funny moments with your friends and family knowing all your beautiful countertops and fancy furniture both indoor and outdoor will be safe from permanent damage. And with these special designed non-stick coasters it’s 100% impossible to stick to your glass, unless you use glue!
  • THE UNIQUE AND EXQUISITE BARVIVO PACKAGING MAKES THIS SET THE PERFECT GIFT - Imagine walking into your very best friends' big birthday party and handing her this stunning decorative cool gift box. Trust me, it will be a good ice breaker for people and make an excellent topic of conversation at the party. But what's even better is that your gift will become a large part of her daily life and help her avoid long lasting condensation stains in a protective and elegant way.
  • DON’T BUY ANY ABSORBENT COASTERS SET ONLINE OR IN A STORE BEFORE READING THIS--> Other coasters made of cork, paper, rubber, ceramic, slate tile, agate and rug doesn't have the same extra table grip and high slip resistance as our premium quality coasters, and they can potentially damage your tables. Don't compare on price, you get what you pay for. We have had high-end hotels, bars and restaurants saying they love and endorse our coasters and use them as a natural part of their accessories.
  • WHY ONLY USE THEM AS COASTERS WHEN YOU CAN USE THEM FOR SO MUCH MORE - These flexible and water resistant unbreakable coasters can be used for much more than just saving table tops, alternatively they can be used to protect your drinks from insects when outside on the patio or at the farmhouse. As a small trivet for hot pans replacing the traditional wooden trivets or even as a jar opener. There are so many alternative ways to use these modern beverage coasters - what's your alternative use?
  • THE IDEAL COASTER SET FOR THE PERSON WHO WANTS MORE TIME TO RELAX AND ENJOY LIFE - This BARVIVO coaster set is the perfect match for any daily life, they have extremely low maintenance since they are dishwasher safe - You can use them on your dining table, coffee table or even for your favorite business cup at the office. Then after you have used them, all you have to do is to throw them into the dishwasher and let it do it’s thing, that’s how simple it is - So Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


3/4" Cabinet Grade Plywood

Wood Stain

Water Based Polyurethane

Shipping & Returns

Domestic gound shipping included with every order! See the banner on our home page for shipping lead-times.

Our home bars are built to order and custom in nature. Orders are sold on a firm sale basis and returns are not accepted. We happily support all of our products, so please let us know if you have any issues.


Single level bars are built to approximately 42", and work with standard 28" - 30" bar stools.

Two tier tops are built to approximately 42" on the guest level, and 35" on the serving level. The two-tier top bars also work with standard height bar stools.

Exterior dimensions may vary based on the lenght of the selected side extension(s). Main bar countertop is 24" wide. Side extension lenght is in addition to main bar countertop width. See attached diagram for explination.

Care Instructions

Use any water based cleaner to clean polyurethane bar tops.

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