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Do or Drink - Party Card Game

Do or Drink - Party Card Game

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  • 🎉 MOST HILARIOUS PARTY GAME, EVER: This game makes for an outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next party, get together or game night
  • 👉 EASY TO LEARN: There are no "free skip" cards in this game - and let’s be clear, doing these dares will completely take your party to a new level, you’ll be talking about it for weeks after it ends
  • 😛 PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GAME NIGHTS - It’s the most fun and savage party game. Awesome board card game to play with friends, office party, dinner, parties, etc
  • 🙈 NO BORING DARES: Our USA design team avoided ‘dud dares’ found on other card games. Instead they packed all 350 cards with dares as well as challenges that are fast paced and hilarious with every turn
  • 🙌 ADD TO THE FUN: Purchase one of our 2 expansion packs which include 100 insane cards to add to your original set. We also have Singles, Stoner, Social Media, Couples, Pride, Bachelorette Themed Expansion Packs.
This is an epic party game Fans love this game and they all agree that friends still talk about their fun night weeks after playing. Be Warned: Hilarious and Fun Night AheadThis game has none of the "free skip" cards found in those other lame-**s card games. And let’s be clear…..If you’re not comfortable with:★ Hilarious dares★ Fast paced funThis card game is only for friends who are willing to get weird. Designed in the USA and Ready For a Night of Fun with Friends ✔ No limp cards✔ No 'dud dares'And, unlike other interesting finds and board games for families that were written by non-English speakers, our cards have no misspellings and no weird translations.But don’t take our word for it!Tear open a pack of our cards at your next party and see for yourself how these 350 hilarious and fun dares will take your parties to go to a whole new level for a night to remember.


3/4" Cabinet Grade Plywood

Wood Stain

Water Based Polyurethane

Shipping & Returns

Domestic gound shipping included with every order! See the banner on our home page for shipping lead-times.

Our home bars are built to order and custom in nature. Orders are sold on a firm sale basis and returns are not accepted. We happily support all of our products, so please let us know if you have any issues.


Single level bars are built to approximately 42", and work with standard 28" - 30" bar stools.

Two tier tops are built to approximately 42" on the guest level, and 35" on the serving level. The two-tier top bars also work with standard height bar stools.

Exterior dimensions may vary based on the lenght of the selected side extension(s). Main bar countertop is 24" wide. Side extension lenght is in addition to main bar countertop width. See attached diagram for explination.

Care Instructions

Use any water based cleaner to clean polyurethane bar tops.

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