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Keg Vision



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  • Meets US Beer Industry Standards | 3/8" - 16 UNC
  • Great Gift for Draft Beer Lovers | Stands 5.45 inches tall
  • Great conversation piece at any keg party
  • Bars - Pubs - Home Brews
  • Anti tarnish coated to prevent any discoloration
Nothing puts the ‘man’ in man cave quite like gripping a the 50 Cal BMG as ice cold beer flows from the tap. Made from Genuine once-fired casings procured from the department of defense, you’ll put a whole new meaning to tossing one back for the troops. The 50 Cal BMG is best known for its use in all of the military heavy machine guns. Each beer tap measures approximately 5. 5” the handle Meets U. S. Beer industry standards to fit a 3/8”-16 unc faucet lever, while a hand-polished finish and anti-tarnish lacquer coat ensure it'll be a fixture in your man cave for many happy hours to come. All items are made from Genuine fired shell casings and resemble live ammunition. We do not recommend bringing this item to airports or other places where live ammunition is not permitted. This listing and its products, descriptions, images and trade names are the intellectual property of 2 Monkey trading, LLC and may not be utilized (by others) individually or as a listing unless authorized in writing.


3/4" Cabinet Grade Plywood

Wood Stain

Water Based Polyurethane

Shipping & Returns

Domestic gound shipping included with every order! See the banner on our home page for shipping lead-times.

Our home bars are built to order and custom in nature. Orders are sold on a firm sale basis and returns are not accepted. We happily support all of our products, so please let us know if you have any issues.


Single level bars are built to approximately 42", and work with standard 28" - 30" bar stools.

Two tier tops are built to approximately 42" on the guest level, and 35" on the serving level. The two-tier top bars also work with standard height bar stools.

Exterior dimensions may vary based on the lenght of the selected side extension(s). Main bar countertop is 24" wide. Side extension lenght is in addition to main bar countertop width. See attached diagram for explination.

Care Instructions

Use any water based cleaner to clean polyurethane bar tops.

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